Friends, Followers & Sales

28 Oct

We’ve taken a short break from blogging. In blog years, it’s probably been several years ;-), but we’re back again.

This week we’ve dedicated some real serious time to making new facebook friends and getting more twitter followers. After all, who are we going to tell about our exclusive sales if not for our friends and followers? We’re getting the gears in motion for our next sale already, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Why don’t I start by telling you how exciting this past week was. I’m still catching my breath after the workout we just finished. All our friends and followers were notified this past Sunday Night about our sale at Double Header. The sale was set for Monday and Tuesday. Throngs of customers flocked into our website to get in on the deals.  Thank G-d the website handled the traffic. We’ve been frantically processing, packing and shipping orders all week.

Well, we’re almost ready to do it again, but we want to make an even bigger sale. Bigger discounts, more stuff, and tons of friends to invite. We need your help spreading the word – so get out there on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our newsletter on our website. You’ll be sure glad you did.


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